Pre-congress shortcourses will be held on Sunday, July 21st in the Raleigh Convention Center.  Registration for the shortcourses will open March 15, 2013 along with the early registration for the Congress.  The fee for each shortcourse is $250.  Below is a list of the shortcourses to be offered.

SC001: The Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin Methods

Instructor:  Bernardo Cockburn

SC002:  Goal-Oriented Methods: Error Estimation, Adaptive Algorithms, Multiscale Modeling

Instructors: Serge Prudhomme, K. van der Zee, Luca Dede

SC003: Theory and Practice of the Generalized/eXtended Finite Element Method

Instructors: Armando Duarte and Angelo Simone

SC004: Using Algorithmic Differentiation to Compute Derivatives for Sensitivity Analysis, Uncertainty Quantification and Optimization

Instructors:  Jean Utke, Sri Hari Krishna Narayanan