Minisymposia Organizers' Page

TO:  USNCCM12 Minisymposia Organizers

The following are instructions/guidelines for USNCCM12 minisymposia.       

Abstract submission is now open until February 15, 2013. Below are instructions for accessing your minisymposium and guidelines/information regarding its organization.

  • Each technical session will be two hours long with 5 20-minute time slots (15 minute talk with 5 minutes for Q&A).  For every 9 abstracts in your minisymposium, you will be allowed to designate a keynote speaker.  Each keynote speaker is allotted 40 minutes (or two time slots).  [Note: A two hour technical session may contain up to six technical talks.  While the preference is to schedule 5 talks/session, if needed the schedule will accommodate up to six talks.]
  • At the end of the abstract submission process (February 15, 2013), if your minisymposium has not generated at least 5 abstracts, it will likely be merged with another minisymposium. Please do not cancel a minisymposium without first consulting the congress organizers.
  • MS organizers are responsible for the quality of the presentations and the overall MS. We ask that you actively recruit quality speakers for your minisymposium. Please be aware of the following regarding presenters:
  •       All attendees and presenters, including MS organizers and keynote speakers, are required to pay the registration fee.
  •       The Congress will not reimburse travel costs for invited speakers in minisymposia.
  • In order to view the abstracts submitted to your MS, go to the submissions website: Create an account and send your log-on id information to  We will then authorize your account for the corresponding minisymposium.
  • Instructions on the review process will be sent by email and posted on the website before February 15, 2013.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at