Poster Presenting Instructions

USNCCM12 Poster Guidelines

Day of the Poster Session

·       You may begin placing your poster on the poster board at noon on Monday, July 22. The poster session will be held on the 3rd floor in the lobby of the convention center, in front of the registration/exhibitor area.

·       You are expected to be at your assigned space to discuss the work presented on Monday, July 22nd  from 4:00 – 6:30 pm. We will email your space assignment the week prior to the Congress.

·       Greet people who walk by.

·       Be prepared to respond to questions concerning all aspects of the project.

·       Have a brief “prepared” statement about your research. People will often come to you and say, “Tell me about your research in 1 minute.”

·       You can also have a handout of supplemental materials or a reduced version of your poster on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. You may wish to include the time and location of your talk at the Congress.

·       You will need to remove your poster after the session is over. The boards will be taken away the next morning; any posters remaining will be thrown away.


Poster Tips

·       A poster is a visual representation of the work that you have accomplished; it should “tell the story” of the work you have done.

·       The maximum poster size is 42 inches by 48 inches.

·       Do not fill your poster with text; a general guideline is to designate 20% for text, 40% for graphics, and 20% for empty space. The most effective posters have minimal text.

·       It is always a good idea to have someone proofread your poster before you send it for final printing.

·       Be sure to talk to your advisor or mentor about the norms for developing a poster.

·       You must have your poster printed before the Congress. We will not be able to print your posters for you.

·       We will provide you with pins to mount your poster at noon before the poster session in the registration/exhibition area on the 3rd floor in the lobby of the Raleigh Convention Center.


Links of Sample Poster Templates



Word & Power Point:



If you have any questions about the poster session, please email Wilkins Aquino at