Enabling Technologies and their Application for Advancing Computational Mechanics

Alvaro Coutinho, William Barth, Mark Christon

Due to the inter-­‐disciplinary nature of Computational Mechanics, the focus of this Mini-Symposium is on the mathematics and computer science technologies that cut across Computational Mechanics, enabling the kind of computational engineering and science that this community is working toward. Topics of interest include: Software Libraries and application to multiscale-­‐multiphysics problems, high performance computing towards exascale computing, including programming models for multicore, accelerators, supporting tools in performance evaluation, visualization, verification and validation, scientific workflows, theoretical frameworks, methodology and algorithms for Uncertainty Quantification. We will have invited speakers from USA, Europe, Asia and Latin America, with expertise across this interdisciplinary theme and anticipate that this Mini-­‐Symposium will attract broad interest as in earlier events at the WCCMs in Sydney and Sao Paulo and at the Finite Element in Fluids Conference in Munich.